Excellent quality is inseparable from the support of advanced basic hardware. We have first-class scientific research equipment to provide a reliable guarantee for the stable improvement of product quality.

R&D Equipment

The company has 12 CNC mold processing center equipment. The company has various lathe -- milling centers, grinding machines, WEDM, laser cutting and other mold development equipment. We develop 15 new products every month.


Production Equipment

45 core assembly line(including 3 automatic core assembly line, 6 semi-automatic core assembly line); 18 fin machines; 2 wire binding machines; 19 clinching machines; 8 injection machines; 12 CNC machines; 46 punching machines; 2 automatic robot aluminum welding machine; 8 robotic arms; 15- to 250-ton presses; high-precision hydraulic press; CNC shearing machine; high-efficiency laser cutting machine, etc.

Automatic Production Line

We have 3 high-frequency welded tube automation production lines and 2 continuous NOCOLOK brazing furnaces. 

Besides, the company also has full production lines for HD radiators, passenger car radiators, condensers, heaters, hardware parts, plastics and molds.

Testing Equipment

Vacuum blasting test benches, Pressure-circulation test bed,  High temperature aging test rig, Thermal cycle test benches, Vibration testing machines, Stone impact resistance test bench,  Drop weight impact test rig, Electronic stretching-testing machines, Pendulum impact test rig, Carton compression testing machine, Carboard bursting strength machines, 3-D image measuring machines, Roundness measuring instruments, Three-coordinate measuring machine, Salt spray test benches.

Quality Directory

Quality excellence to gain markets

Production variety to win clients

Managing improvement to seek progress

1. Our production is under comprehensive control starting from APQP(Advanced Product Quality Planning)/CP(Control Plan)/SOP(Standard Operation Procedure)/inspection specifications/CSR(Customer Specific Requirement) and other technical documents then to product process (material acceptance/process control/product inspection) and end with shipment inspection. We strictly implement the three principles for quality assurance: do not accept bad products, do not manufacture bad products, do not deliver bad products.

2. According to the production process of the product, we carry out key monitoring and special inspections on key processes (brazing, crimping) and key links (sealing inspection), and the pass rate of finished products is over 99.6%.