Company Profile

GUANGDONG XIN TONGSHI GROUP CO.,LTD located in Guangdong China, is  a professional manufacturer and high-tech enterprise in vehicle thermal  system industry. We have been specialized in self-developing, designing  and producing according to drawings and samples for more than 20 years.  The range of products includes passenger car radiator, heavy duty  radiator, heater core, condenser, intercooler, oil cooler, evaporator  ect. .

Since the company’s foundation in 2004, TONGSHI has constantly  striven to be a valuable partner in vehicle thermal system  market.TONGSHI has been developed more and more subsidiaries, including  4 overseas branches (located in Dubai, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam), 2  export trading companies, and 3 sub-factories -Xin Tongshi (JiangSu)  Heat Exchange System Co.,Ltd , Guangdong Xinya Air Conditioning  Manufacturing Co.Ltd and Hunan Tongshi Heat Exchange Technology Co.,  Ltd.

Besides ,TONGSHI committed to providing highly competitive & quality  products, reliable and all-round services to customers all over the  world. Choosing TONGSHI means choosing much more than just a product, it  means efficiency, reliability, dedication and loyalty.



◆ In 2004:

Founded in Guangzhou, start Copper, Aluminum Radiator manufacturing.




◆ In 2010:

 Start Auto Radiator tube manufacturing line.




◆ In 2012:

The No.2 Factory Plant have been completed ,to be the Member of NARSA (The International Heat Transfer Association).




◆ In 2015:

Renaming 'Guangdong Xin Tongshi Vehicle Thermal System Co. Ltd' , Start R&D Institute Devision.




◆ In 2017:

Adopt Ameba Management Pattern, start toward collectivization management operation.




◆ In 2019:

Start Evaporate manufacturing line and CRM (customer resource management) System.




◆ In 2008:

Moved to Tangtang Town, Fogang County and Renaming it “Fogang Xin Tongshi Auto Radiator Co. Ltd”.




◆ In 2011:

Passed the Certification of ISO/TS16949:2009 Quality Management System.




 ◆ In 2013:

Start Heater and Condenser manufacturing line.




◆ In 2016:

The No.3 factory plant have been completed. Start Radiator Tank Manufacturing line. To Improve Production Efficiency, We started using ERP Management System to Improve our delivery   performance.  




◆ In 2018:

We open branch in Vietnam and UAE with office and warehouse. Using automatic production equipment such as manipulator to weld all-aluminum radiator, stamp the header and side plate. Automatic core assembling machine etc, to improve production efficiency.




◆ In 2020:

Launch T100 integrated project and management improvement system.




◆ In 2021:

Start sub-factory "Guangdong Xinya Air Conditioning Manufacturing Co.Ltd " for automatic production of water cooled screw chiller & sheet metal.

Start Xin Tongshi (JiangSu) Heat Exchange System Co.,Ltd. new and automotic prodution line for products Radiator, Radiator oil cooler and transimiOil cooler, Heater, Radiator Tube 

Start sub-factory "Hunan Tongshi Heat Exchange Technology Co., Ltd" for OEM production of condenser and evaporator



Product Application

Our trademark “TONGSHI” was registered in China in 2006, and also applied for the registration in more than 40 countries including USA、EU、UAE、Malaysia etc with almost 20 brand agency. What’s more, our products have been exported to more than 90 countries,which are from North America, Middle and South America, Europe, Middle East, Southeastern Asia, Australia and Africa. We have more than 11,000 models in over 42 series which includes copper and aluminum radiators for cars of all sizes、buses、trucks、generators、and construction vehicles, and heater cores、A/C condensers、intercoolers、oil coolers and evaporate etc. with full range of models ,variety of our products, good quality and competitive price.

“TONGSHI” brand products enjoy great reputation and becomes one of the top manufacturers in the industry.

Our Certificate

Production Market

With the world influence of "Made in China," we step onto the international stage with an open mind.The owned brand of "TONGSHI" is registered in more than 40 countries around the world, with nearly 20 brand agents.Products are exported to more than 90 countries and regions, such as North America, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.The sales plate expands unceasingly, the market share increases year by year.

Production Market